Wolfgang Zulauf, CEO & Founder, Suisse Bank


SUISSE BANK offers a range of services designed for private and corporate clients. The bank has extensive experience in trade finance solutions, private and corporate digital banking, and blockchain banking services. SUISSE BANK strives to provide a better, more secure and dependable offshore banking experience. It renders private and corporate digital offshore banking solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of services tailored to clients' specific financial needs.


Wolfgang Zulauf, the CEO and Chairman of SUISSE Bank holds extensive knowledge and experience in the banking and finance industries. He understands financial concepts thoroughly and uses his industry experience to facilitate international financial trading. A German citizen, Wolfgang has studied economics in Cologne, Germany, and is fluent in German, English, Russian, and French. He has a private office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What sets him apart are solutions tailored to the client's specific requirements. Because of Wolfgang Zulauf's expert investment consulting and strategic marketing techniques, clients can make informed financial decisions.


Wolfgang Zulauf began his career in private and corporate banking but has always prioritized continuous professional development and actively gained knowledge in various fields of banking and finance. He finally succumbed to his entrepreneurial urge and established SUISSE BANK, an offshore bank that delivers end-to-end banking and finance solutions to global clients. SUISSE BANK, a reputable offshore banking institution, assists prestigious clients in making strategic financial decisions. Wolfgang has established a solid reputation in private and corporate offshore banking, investment banking, trade finance, cryptocurrency trading, and asset diversification.

His pursuits led him to serve as CEO of several premium banking institutions in London, Moscow, and the Middle East. During this time, he honed his skills in managing high-level offshore accounts and financial trading, while his drive was to better serve his clients by providing bespoke and tailored solutions to their banking and financial needs.


Suisse Bank comes among the top trade finance banks for its reliable services dispatched in a very timely manner and with the utmost professionalism. As a regulated universal bank, clients and funds are subjected to a strict verification and identification process. The Bank strives to find a balance between innovation and tradition in its working methodology. They are open to new developments in the world of banking and finance, open to progressive ideas and projects, and always keen to hear about new financial models.

Customers can also use cryptocurrency trading services at SUISSE BANK to buy, sell, store, withdraw, deposit, and liquidate crypto coins into money. This includes an individual Master Card debit card with high transaction limits, concierge lifestyle services, personalized travel service, and much more. The emphasis is on simplicity, creating an accessible crypto-wallet, and handling all technical aspects with its secure proprietary back-end system.


24/7 access: The banking institution has a user-friendly and simple mobile app that allows you to access a private or corporate account at a top-tier London bank.

Maintain an IBAN bank account: SUISSE BANK clients have an IBAN bank account for USD, EURO, GBP, YEN and YUAN at a premier London banking institution and can access a multi-currency e-wallet so they can transact in multiple currencies at the same time.

Trading in cryptocurrencies: Approved offshore clients of the bank can trade in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, PAX, BAT, and USDT. Clients can gain complete control over their trading accounts while keeping them secure with their all-in-one wallet 

MasterCard debit card: By opening a private or business bank account, clients gain access to a MasterCard debit card, which allows for high transaction limits, travel discounts, 24/7 support, cloud access, and anywhere shipping.

All-in-One Wallet: A user-friendly internet banking and mobile app that provides clients 24-hour access to their private or corporate account at a London-based Prime bank.

Trade Finance: SUISSE BANK's trade finance products, BG, SBLC, LC, and POF, are designed to help their clients expand their businesses, import, and export.

Investment portfolio: Investing is not a risky venture with SUISSE BANK's asset diversification. "Invest your money safely and profitably."


Most people are still unfamiliar with the concept of international banking. Offshore banking conjures up tax evasion or fraud, but the 'reality' is quite different. Wolfgang Zulauf debunks some of the most common myths about offshore banking. A common misconception about offshore banking is that it is only for the wealthy and requires large investments. Wolfgang Zulauf, however, believes offshore banking services are available to anyone who wants to secure and grow their wealth in a foreign jurisdiction because SUISSE BANK offers low initial deposit amounts and flexible minimum balance requirements, so opening and maintaining an account isn't expensive. Furthermore, offshore banking is often regarded as illogical due to the bank's location in a completely different jurisdiction. In contrast, Wolfgang Zulauf believes that clients do not need to be present in person to open an account or make a big transaction or investment. As a result, banks such as SUISSE BANK provide digital offshore banking solutions that do not necessitate clients' physical presence. Everything is possible to do online.


Wolfgang, a banking expert, has been in the industry for over 15 years and is constantly expanding his global reach through a strong network of industry agents who specialize in legal, investment, and finance solutions. As a result, he can innovate and broaden his scope of service. To assist the customer in making investment decisions, he first analyses market volatility, potential risks, economic structure, and opportunities. Then he offers expert advice on whether the investment is viable. He also employs several trade financing tools to facilitate international trade.

Wolfgang Zulauf's creativity, results-oriented approach, and skilled consulting make him a reliable choice for businesses worldwide. He has provided competent advice to various organizations to help them achieve success in banking and finance.


Through Suisse Bank, Wolfgang assists companies with several issues related to banking and finances. They attempt to make the process quick and efficient to address speed as their first obstacle. You don't have to be physically present when opening a bank account or conducting transactions with SUISSE BANK. After completing the digital KYC and onboarding process, which takes less than 30 minutes, clients can access their accounts and make transactions digitally from any location at any time.

The complexity of Forex is the second challenge they address. Because of global forces, the foreign exchange rate is dynamic and fluctuates. Wolfgang's understanding of the challenges involved in trading in a single currency, which can adversely affect wealth growth goals, led them to provide the option to trade in multiple currencies. Businesses can use multi-currency accounts, trade in different currencies, and liquidate the money only at favorable forex rates.

Wolfgang's next challenge involves security and discretion. He ensures that the bank maintains the highest levels of discretion and asset security. He works in a stable jurisdiction and gives the client complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting his/her wealth from the prying eyes of the government and litigators.


Instead of vague, unrealistic goals, Wolfgang advises setting specific, rational objectives. He believes in adding a personal touch to every service he provides to his valued clients. He further suggests that no matter how successful you are there is no end to learning. Markets and consumer behavior are changing so fast that it is imperative to stay up-to-date and up-skill to deliver quality services. Innovativeness is one trait he believes is critical to cultivating as an entrepreneur, which reflects in the quality and variety of services offered. Despite being successful in the banking and investment sector, Wolfgang continues to learn new things and update his knowledge to stay current.