AxmiYan: Prominent HR Consulting Firm

An ISO 9001:2015 accredited Firm incorporated in 2012 in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, AxmiYaN HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the most suited professionals, by deeply understanding the requirement of clients across any possible functional area. AxmiYaN is a professionally managed HR services firm with practices specializing in IT and ITES, Telecommunication (Support Functions), Automobile, Pharma & LifeScience, Media, and Entertainment. They are in Niche, Mid-level, and Leadership Hiring across Industry.


Starting in the year 2012 at Jabalpur, they provide credible and consultative resourcing solutions to mirror the ever-changing needs of clients. AxmiYaN builds high-performance teams that deliver best-in-class HR solutions. Since its inception, they have become a leading player in the domains of recruitment, assessment, and talent management. Starting from a 1 Room Office now AxmiYaH has a team of 25 Recruiters and has its own 30 seated Office at Jabalpur. Having started with 4 industries and slowly in 6 years, they have expanded their services in 18 verticals. Their clientele hails across the National Capital Region, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai.


Abhranshu DasGupta founded AxmiYaN HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. more than 10 years ago. An extremely straightforward and self-determined individual, he has a strong desire to succeed in both his personal and professional lives. He is an adamant believer in his dreams and wishes to do something remarkable in the field of Recruitment and Staffing. With the same vision ahead, he is working hard and has already devised some solid plans. Collaboration and open communication are core values of his leadership style, he is an excellent communicator and motivator, and he fulfills niche recruitments for clients in a very short period. 


“Our strategy is simple: listen to you, learn what you need from a Recruitment service provider, and give it back in spades”

Established 10 years ago, AXMIYAN HR SOLUTIONS is one of the most innovative and dynamic organizations. With a history of success and achievements in this line, it has emerged as an industry-recognized organization in a very few years only providing total personnel / HR Solutions to its clients. They understand how vital it is to have competent and professional HR personnel, which is why they offer an alternative to conventional staffing solutions that make it difficult to attract and retain talent. Their efficient recruitment process takes an average of 2 working days with minimal paperwork. Instead of the constant search for resources and everyday monitoring, at AXMIYAN they already have a source lined up waiting for you to meet your requirements!

The quality of service offered at AXMIYAN HR SOLUTIONS is top-notch as these are delivered by industry professionals who are well versed with the nuances of each business vertical using Cues from their extensive experience. Their efforts are often rewarded with repeat customers that value their services and experience. Over the period, their knowledge and expertise have grown to allow them to serve a more diverse number of clients while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Their accounts managers regularly consult with you to make sure your needs are continually met, and they solve any issues that may arise in a timely fashion. They are also open to your suggestions and requests, so feel free to contact them at any time.


Axmiyan HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides recruitment solutions with the vision to assist companies in achieving higher product quality and gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors by offering Human Resource Management Solutions at cost-effective prices. They offer their customers a range of customized solutions to suit their needs. Their solutions are highly cost-effective, easy to access, and highly reliable. They consider meeting the needs of their customers as their primary priority. They help companies hire the right candidates at the right place with the right skills offering the right value.


“The purpose of a healthy work environment is to create a conflict-free and friendly environment in the workplace”

A healthy work environment could help create a productive, lively and caring office. Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston found that it is easy to spot happy workers. People who are motivated and satisfied at work are more productive and creative than their less motivated counterparts because they have better emotional balance and are less prone to illness. The creation of a relaxed, positive working environment is not only beneficial for men and women alike but a cost-saving measure that can boost worker productivity as well. 


Recruiting is the art of bringing the best talent into the organization; it is a powerful tool that, if used efficiently and effectively, can help drive businesses to their next level of growth and success. However, many other companies aren’t even aware of this. Rather, they view recruitment as an afterthought in comparison to other tasks of running a company: “when we need employees, we will handle it then”. “We don’t need someone to track resumes. We can just do it ourselves”. Unfortunately, this is a grave mistake that costs companies millions of dollars each year in lost time, productivity, and resources to counterbalance their ineffective recruiting model.


The Axmiyan HR organization believes that business is not just about money, power, and authority, but also about human values and bringing out the best in individuals by developing their skills, talents, and ability to deal with others. Axmiyan HR has revolutionized the way HR handles its business. They are generating a huge pool of candidates from different fields such as IT, ENGINEERING, BPO, and Manufacturing alongside opening an international division recently. Now they can be able to serve their clients globally and are planning to open their first global office in Singapore. They are successfully handling their client base while managing the workload. In their role as suppliers, it’s their job to keep themselves informed about this continuous change so that they can adapt themselves as needed.


Awarded by Silicon India as Best 50 Start-up to work for in 2017

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion as a Start-up by the Government of India in 2018

Member of Indian Chamber Of Commerce, Kolkata

Certificate of Recognition from India’s 5000 Best MSME Awards in 2018

The Founder, Mr. Abhranshu DasGupta, awarded as 30 Most Powerful Men in Business in 2018 by Insights Success

AxmiYaN HR Got Best Recruitment Partner–Leadership Hiring from their esteemed client Teleperformance India in 2019

AxmiYaN has also been involved in CSR activities since the year 2018, by providing medicines and other useful materials to an NGO Based in Jabalpur

AxmiYaN HR Awards as Best 10 Recruitment Companies in India by Innovative Zone 2020

CEO Story Makes an Article on Abhranshu DasGupta CEO of AxmiYaN HR in 2020

In 2018 Abhranshu started another Venture an e-commerce site Affiliateiva. in, and in 2021 his second e-commerce site Shauken. in both, the sites got huge recognition from their customers